Valnor Creations

Colors & Textures


On this page you can find pictures of all the colors and textures I can apply, as well as pictures of all the different color & texture combinations!

Quick Links for Texture & Color Combination Previews




                                                                            *Current CoS = 95%*

           *Current CoS = 95%*








Textures & Texture+Color Previews !!

Where there's a will, there's a way! It's not possible in the game to see what
a combination of a texture & color will look like up front.
But...I've screenshotted every possible combination I can apply so you can
now see what the end result will be =)
Previews from left to right: Orange, Yellow, Blue, Olive, Steelblue, Green
2nd row (work in progress): Purple, Dark Steel Blue, Brown, Turqoise, Dark Green, Kylon's Blue & Miranda Violet
Please note that Turqoise and Dark Green are not maxxed by me yet!



















              Velvet: NOT MAXXED! Current CoS =96%


                  Turp: NOT MAXXED! Current CoS = 94% 


















               Banite: Not maxxed yet! CoS = 90%














              Tiarak: Not maxxed yet! CoS = 89%